The Solace of Sleep

When the bed covers feel like lead covers
and the solace of sleep soothes enough
to quiet the relentless courtship of fear (and death)
and unquenchable sorrow
until the cycle starts again
This is my “in-between”
And it is a lonely place
Though my isolation is self-imposed
A rose doesn’t need other roses to grow, but it can’t survive without the nourishment of water and light.


The Free Milk Cow


Another year has come and gone
And with it went my pride
There is no more pretending
Not to see the days go by
Love and hope give way to comfort
In the midst of gloom
A dream still held to in my heart
That will expire soon.
I will daily count my blessings
Grateful for how far I’ve come
While still linger unfulfilled things
I know I’m not the only one
I only wish I hadn’t wished
Beyond that which I have gained
And stayed humbled in each moment
For sufficient is the day
But the child in me is still a dreamer
Holding fast to fairytales
And despite my silent yearning
There is no wind left for my sailsScreenshot_20171031-104828